By the decision of the Organizing Committee of the European ENIOROSS Eniopsychology
Research Center
(February 12, 2017, Berlin, Germany)
The IV International Scientific Congress “Eniophilosophy, Eniophychology and Eniology”
will take place on May 25-27, 2018 and will be devoted to the patriarch of the Eniology Firyaz
(Russia) and the patriarch of the Cybernetics Norbert Wiener (the USA)

Washington, DC        New York City, the USA

IV International Scientific Congress
“Eniophilosophy, Eniophychology and Eniology”

/The Spatiotemporal Relations in the Metaphysics, Psychobioenergetics and Quantum Mind

The Congress Organizing Committee Chairperson
Professor Garry Rouss
(The President of ENIOROSS FORBSS, the American Research Center of the
Energoinformational Techniques, New York, the USA)

The Congress Organizing Committee Co-Chairperson
Professor Valery Krishnev
(The President of the European Eniopsychology Research Center ENIOROSS,
Berlin, Germany)
Professor Stanislav Zenin
(The President of the International Academy of the Energoinformational Sciences, Moscow,

The place of the Congress:

     per the Congress schedule – Victor Borge Hall of Scandinavia House (the
address: 58 Park Avenue, New York, NewYork, 10016, the USA)

2 Woodin’s Way, Paradise Street, Oxford, OX1 1HF, United Kingdom
Tel: +447597576277;

No. 23/77 dated January 24, 2017
To: President
European Research Centre of Eniopsychology Enioross
V.K. Krishnev

Dear Valery Kuzmich:

The Academic Union, Oxford, one of the most established academic communities of the UK, would hereby like to extend their respect to you. You have been serving the social and intellectual progress of today’s society for many years with your intellect, organizational skills and active citizenship. And this definitely deserves the highest regard from the international community.

Due to the aforementioned the Presidium, members and partners of the Academic Union and the International Socrates Committee (United Kingdom) put forward an initiative to award you with the title of the Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford.

As a holder of this honorary title as well as for the purpose of popularizing your activities, scientific research, innovative discoveries and achievements in Europe and throughout the world, you have been granted the right to establish an endowed chair on the basis of the Academic Lounge (Oxford, UK) and publish your academic papers in Socrates Almanac (Oxford, United Kingdom, registration number ISSN 2053-4736).

In the framework of achieving the mission of the Academic Union, Oxford on improvement and coordination of scientific, research, academic and methodological activities in Europe and throughout the world, experts of the European Business Assembly, Club of the Rectors of Europe (CRE) and Swiss Institute for Quality Standards have determined the most dynamically developing regional institutions that are guided by the philosophy of quality in their work.

Upon the initiative of the International Socrates Committee the institution has been recommended for receipt of the International Quality Certificate of the Swiss Institute for Quality Standards (SIQS).

The holder of the SIQS Certificate is granted the right to use their symbols as an indicator of the achievements distinguished by the business and scientific community.
The awards ceremony and the procedure of acceptance of new members to the Academic Union, Oxford will take place at the Main Residence of the Royal Institute of Directors, UK (March 28, 2017, IOD, 116 Pall Mall, London).

We would like to invite you to take part in the ceremony and present your innovative solutions and research. The program of the visit is hereto attached. If your personal attendance does not appear possible, the award attributes can be delivered by a special courier.

Best regards,
Regional Coordinator, International Socrates Committee,
Mila Milton (language of negotiations – Russian)

8th “Elite” Congress of the specialists in complementary medicine and psychology (3-4 februarym 2012, Moscow)

Unanimously approved the carrying of the 4th International Scientific Congress - "Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology" – dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Cybernetics’’ patriarch (control science), Norbert Wiener, November 26-28, 2014 (Washington, DC - New York, USA).

See you in New York.

The International Organizing Committee (Moscow-Berlin-New York).


For the first time the elite Eniopsychology High School starts its work at the Euro-Asian level for the earthlings spiritualization.

The decision to open an elite Eniopsychology High School was previously adopted at the 3rd International Scientific Congress - "Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology" (February 25-27, 2011, Berlin, Germany), and it was unanimously approved at the meeting of the advanced Academic Council in May 27, 2011 (ENIOM , Moscow).

The founders of the elite Eniopsychology High School were ENIOM Russian Research Center (Moscow) and ENIOROSS European Research Centre of eniopsychology (Berlin). As noted, not only oil and gas, but the scientific potential of Russia's spiritualization of earthlings has always attracted the European public.

The presidency of the ENIOROSS European Research Centre of eniopsychology congratulates the scientists of Russia and Germany on this momentous event and looks forward to a speedy rapprochement between Europe and Russia at all levels without borders and visas.

News of the European level

According to the decision of the International Organizing Committee the 4th International Scientific Congress – "Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology" is scheduled for November 26-28, 2014 to the 120th anniversary of the Cybernetics’ patriarch, Norbert Wiener (venue - New York, USA).

At the same time the Organizing Committee congratulates Professor Valery Krishnev on the presentation of his book called “Spiritual cybernetics. The mystery of foresight” which took part at the 3rd International Scientific Congress - "Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the anthroposophy patriarch, Rudolf Steiner (February 26-27, 2011 city, the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin), the Organizing Committee also congratulates him on his Presidency of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hanover, Germany) and getting the medal "For contributions to science and culture" and the International Union of the Order award – "The Good, the honor and glory".

At the 2nd Congress of the Union of Writers in Europe (February 25-27, 2011, Berlin), chaired by Professor Michael Pekelis (Plastov) there was approved the Guild of the psychological and eniopsychological literature led by the Vice-President of the European Union of Writers – Psy. D., Professor Valery Krishnev. The Guild activity will be oriented towards the promoting of awareness and self development in the quantum field level.

Records of the Congresses and Conferences

The international scientific community has noted with satisfaction the growth of interest of the Eastern and Western Europe citizens to the timeless spiritual values and their stalkers to the world of self-discovery. The main representative of them is Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy patriarch), whose 150th anniversary of birth was celebrated in Berlin (Germany) February 26-27, 2011. Two international events were dedicated to his anniversary:

- The 2nd congress of the Union of European writers, chaired by Professor Michael Pekelis (Plastov)
- The 3rd International Scientific Congress - "Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology" – chaired by Professor Igor Halperin (Kharlampovich).

The Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin cordially welcomed the participants and delegates from many countries of the world, making it clear that it was time to forget about the Europe division into Western and Eastern ones, just as it was with Berlin (this winding "line - a former frontier" still exists in the city, recalling the Berlin Wall). And here the spiritual values are based on the union of the Prussia Germans and the Kievan Russia Ukrainians, Russia and Prussia, including the Russian Belarusians and the US Russians.

According to the Rudolph Steiner spiritual truths taught, all people are spiritual brothers, who have no enemies, and it is time to reflect on the creation of the leaders of the civilization of humanity and unite the United States, Europe and Russia (the Great, the Kiev, the White ones) for the survival of the planet on a spiritual level.

Since all the processes on Earth and in the community are subject to immutable laws of Spiritual cybernetics, and everyone knows that the ignorance of the law does not exempt us from the punishment, the Congress took a decision in the final part of the meeting in this regard, according to which the 4th International Scientific Congress"Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology, Eniology» would be dedicated to the Cybernetics’ patriarch, Norbert Wiener with further refinement of the date and venue.

Best wishes to the inspired scientists,
Scholars and writers of the XXI century.

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