ENIOROSS European Research centre of Eniopsychology

Eniopsychology is a science of the processes of energy-exchange between the spiritual substances inside the person (disembodied Spirit, which always needs something under the feeling of FEAR and which always wants something from the material; and the Spirit of the animal soul (personality), which is guided by a sense of conscience in the interaction with the society) and the energy information interaction of Spiritual substance of man and wildlife and the virtual reality of the spiritual space above and ether. The founders of this knowledge were the priests who lived in the III millennium BC and owned the esoteric heritage (pure knowledge) of Atlantis. The person gets the pure knowledge in the Spirit not from the books but by the divine Logos Cosmic Channel (example: "Periodic Table", "Maxwell" and so on at the moment of insight, inspiration). Divine channel of pure knowledge is only available to man in the Spirit.

ENIOROSS Centre objects of activity:

Scientific research, such as:

  • scientific research in the field of Eniophilosophy, Eniopsychology and Eniology;
  • educational activities in the natural sciences;
  • information and advisory activities in the field of healthy lifestyles;
  • organization of seminars, lectures, workshops and master classes in Eniopsychology;
  • advisory activities on social issues of family and youth Eniopsychology;
  • publication of books and journals in the sciences.

ENIOROSS Centre main objects and purposes:

  • psychological studies of spiritual phenomena and hidden features of the human development potential;
  • investigation of torsion fields;
  • the study of virtual microlepton field substances - "Monads" by V. Leibnitz, "Dham" living above-ground air;
  • participation in the development of "healing" of verbal and suggestive "set" methods of psychological counseling and methods of spiritual enlightenment;
  • achievement of significant scientific and practical results in all areas of energy-human interaction with nature;
  • development of new teaching approaches and methods of accelerated healing and healing of man;
  • participation in the training of scientists and specialists in Eniopsychology for spiritual guidance and counseling;
  • the study of "Energy longevity" ("chi", "chi", "ki"), "prana", "orgone" by W. Reich, "universal" by L. Dang, "Reiki" by M. Yusui.

The tendency of the XXI century science development is connected to the spirituality of man-scientist, perceiving himself in the Spirit, which has an expanded consciousness and knowledge necessary for a proper understanding of God's laws and implementation of them here on Earth.

Make a "man" a man ("man" - from Sanskrit means "spirit", "century" – means 100 years), ie to give him the ability to perceive himself as Spirit (quantum emitter), which emits his individual field (wave) substance – soul - is able to show his spiritual beauty in the vast distances (communication at the telepathic level), - that is one of the main tasks of the scientific center.

The man-scientist, not perceiving himself as a spiritual substance, identifies his "self" with the body shell, - that is a scientist of the XX century, remained in the age of Pisces with a "steadfast thought."

Now it is time to separate the "wheat from the chaff," to decide "who's who" and not to revel in demagogy and snobbery about spirituality and spiritual rebirth.

It has been 2000 years since Jesus Christ walked on the crucifix, to show all the earthlings that man is a self-organizing, self-learning, self-managing and reincarnating from century to century spiritual substance, and the atheistic and religious demagogues still excel in the matter of spirituality.

Today, the cosmic mind of the Aquarian Age demands tough and clearly announce to the world "who am I" and "what is my body" and every Earthling should take its place in the evolutionary system of human development.

And this should be made by the scientists of the XXI century, because "if we don’t do that, than who will".

In the next 15 years there will be completed the process of transmutation of humanity and the planet, there will change significantly the views of the moral and ethical issues, mindset, life attitudes and everything that is at man’s level of the disembodied Spirit, Spirit of the animal soul and the Spirit of the spiritual soul (when the Spirit of the animal soul will be modulated by the Holy Spirit).

The very complex and lengthy process of degeneration of the "man"-terrestrial creature in the man-Spirit leads to the need for a new life and new teaching to become an adult in the Spirit.

In the end, people will communicate telepathically in a common language, as a Supreme Intelligence, and the new doctrine would bring commonness of religion in the One Creator-God to the mankind.

All things on earth, as well as Space, strive for perfection and the Universal Love, done in the last words of the Divine Messiah, Jesus Christ.

"Lord, have mercy on them for they know not what they do!” The consciousness of the developed man of the XXI century will lead his mind to the realization that indeed there is only one Spirit (the quantum-field and space above ground substance of the ether of the Lord God - the Creator of the Creator).

The staff of the ENIOROSS European Research Center of Eniopsychology may be scientists who understand the fundamental importance of the science of Eniopsychology, which is based on Absolute laws and principles of spiritual self (as amended by Professor V. K. Krishnev, see References), studying the torsion-lepton processes in over ground and outer air, the main thoughts of which are the search for new alternative energy-substances and their materialization (m = E / c ²), as well as the materialization of energies, which were "released" in the above-ground air in the process of "destruction" and "burning " "anything and everything" by the world atheists.

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